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4 out of 5 people will experience back pain at least once during their lifetime. Over time, this can become frustrating, draining, and make you feel down. You may even stop socialising and doing the things that make you happy. You may have even had scans or seen specialists. At Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic in Abbeyfeale, we will will speak to you in simple terms to ensure you understand the true cause of your pain. Our expert hands-on treatment will get you out of pain quickly and give you a window to build resilience- so you can bend over without fear, or pick up heavy items at work without issue. Having worked in the NHS, private practice and professional sport, I have treated some of the worst cases of back pain. Our step by step approach has allowed these people get back doing what's meaningful to them.


Are you suffering from painful or achey knees when going up or down stairs? Or when running or playing sport? We hear these complaints every day at Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic, Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick. Knee pain can make you limp, or even feel like your knee is going to give way. You may even have been told you have arthritis, and that there's nothing you can do. At Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic  Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick we have worked to get multi-million Euro contracted All Black rugby players back to sport quickly after even the most serious knee injuries- ACL rupture, meniscus tear, fractures. Our system doesn't change whether we're treating a professional athlete or someone who wants to get back walking for social reasons. If you're from Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick or the surrounding areas, suffering with knee pain get in touch today and let us help you get back to a normal life.


Do you get shoulder pain when doing housework, playing golf, or lifting weights in the gym? Over time the pain may be starting to spread to your neck, shoulder blade, or even down your arm. At Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic  Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick we will listen to YOUR STORY and find the TRUE CAUSE of your pain. Our proven step by step approach will get you back to golf, the gym, or doing your housework pain free. We have treated rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, fractures, and impingement. You may have even had scans before, or an injection. Don't fret- this doesn't change our approach- we will truly listen to you, find the TRUE SOURCE of your pain, and get you back moving pain free and doing the things that add meaning to your life. Get in touch with us today to start your journey back to a pain free, happy life.


Are you a GAA, soccer or rugby player who seem to pull your hamstring or roll your ankle repeatedly. Are you struggling to stay on the pitch due to these injuries? Have you seen no real benefit long term from approaches by other therapists before? If so, the chances are they haven't found the TRUE SOURCE of your pain. Luckily at Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick I have worked with and rehabed multi-million Euro All Black rugby players in the past. We have had to make sure we get these athletes back on the pitch ASAP while making sure they didn't reinjure themselves again. The beauty of our approach is that we listen to YOUR STORY, and find the TRUE CAUSE of your pain. Our expert hands-on skills will have you pain free quickly. We can then go about building resilience so that your body is bulletproof for the demands of your sport. If you're serious about getting into peak physical condition, and leaving the days of your "tight hamstring" or "bad back" behind, then get in touch with us today. We will design a programme specific to your needs, to get you back to feeling light and powerful on the pitch again.


Do you get a dull achey pain in your hip when you're walking the dog, or lying on your side in bed? Do you struggle to get in and out of a car, or bend your hip to tie your shoes? We hear all these common complaints everyday in the clinic. You may have been to your GP or another therapist, but never really got to the bottom of the problem. At Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick we have treated the most complex hip injuries in the past, with great results. Whether you have arthritis, a bursitis or you've had a scan or injection in the past- finding the TRUE CAUSE of your pain is a key to unlocking a better life for you. Our expert hands -on skills get rid of your pain and stiffness quickly and allow you to begin your unique rehab programme to get you back walking long distances or squatting heavy in the gym pain free. Call us and let us find the true cause of your pain and start you on your journey to a happy, pain free life in Abbeyfeale.


Nowadays, a lot of jobs are desk based. We spend hours typing, or sitting on office phones. This can lead to neck pain and stiffness over time. Over time you may even develop headaches or tingling down your arm due to your neck pain. You may have had a scan, and been told that you have a disc problem or arthritis and that there is nothing that can be done. From our experiences at Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick this may not be the source of your pain. We strive to find the TRUE CAUSE of YOUR PAIN and then take the pressure off of your disc or nerve. Our expert hands-on  physiotherapy skills will help get rid of that nagging achey pain. We will then give you a specific movement programme tailored for you and your story to keep the pain away for good and get you back living a happy, healthy life. 


Are you getting pain when gripping or twisting your arm? Does lifting the kettle or using tools at work give you sharp pain in your elbow? You may even have pain spreading down your arm. We see these symptoms and injuries every day at Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick. You may have been told you have Tennis Elbow or a bursitis. The good news is through our unique approach we will find the TRUE CAUSE of your elbow pain. With our expert hands on skills we will get rid of your pain quickly. We will then give you your very own exercises to get you back to work or lifting in the gym without nagging elbow pain. Find the true cause of your pain today- click below to make an appointment and begin your journey towards a healthy, pain free life.


Does your ankle feel stiff when walking? Do you feel like it wants to give way at times? Do you get a lot of ankle pain when walking for the first 10 minutes in the morning? Are you getting pain in the sole of your foot or your Achilles? These are all common complaints and something that we see in Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic Abbeyfeale Co Limerick every day. You may have rolled your ankle playing sport and need to get back on the pitch ASAP. We will find the TRUE CAUSE of your ankle pain. Then our expert hands-on skills will get rid of your pain quickly. We will then provide you with a movement programme to get you back walking to the local shop, running a 10km race or playing in the county final. Click below to arrange an appointment today so we can help start that journey back to full health today.


At Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick, we provide expert assessment and treatment of sports injuries. If you are involved in a local sports club and in need of a reliable, highly skilled physiotherapist, get in touch today to arrange a meeting. I have worked as a full-time Head Physiotherapist for a professional rugby team in New Zealand- looking after multi-million Euro contracted rugby players. We can discuss a reduced group rate for your club.


We also offer 1:1 and small group Pilates classes. If you're interested in Pilates in Abbeyfeale Co. Limerick look no further. I am fully trained in APPI Pilates, which is the world leading organisation in Pilates training. If you're suffering from long term back, neck or lower leg injuries or you're a sports person who wants to be more stable or flexible on the pitch, click the link below to enquire about a time.

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