Are the same niggling injuries holding you back in your sport year after year?

That dodgy hamstring, ankle, hip or lower back?

  • You find yourself stretching, foam rolling but nothing gets rid of the problem.
  • You spend 3 or 4 days a week in the gym which actually makes you feel tighter and not a better athlete!!
  • You need to spend 20 mins loosening out before training/games even begins.

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Testimonial video from Maori All Black Professional rugby player

The same secrets which I have shared with some of the All-Black Rugby players when working in elite sport in New Zealand.

This programme will teach your hips, ribcage, pelvis, upper and lower body to move in synch and when everything does its own job well the body is happy.

You don’t need to spend countless hours stretching and rolling. If you commit to 10-15 mins of these targeted exercises a day you will find your body will be strong, powerful and able to withstand the demands of sport.

Then you can hit the gym or pitch with a body that moves well and feels good, allowing you to reap the gains which a well structured gym programme can give you.
All giving you more time on the pitch and less time on the sidelines.

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