Over 60’s “Healthy for Life” exercise class in Abbeyfeale

Over 60’s “Healthy for Life” exercise class in Abbeyfeale.

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What if, I told you you could live a longer, happier healthier life?


What if, from just 40 minutes a week you could get rid of your pain, stop suffering, sleep better, exercise more, and start to enjoy the things you really care about?

Well, that’s exactly what we’re helping people, just like you, do with our weekly classes.

At Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic we are always trying to make our service better. In January, we came up with this new class which we know a lot of you already love.


Does this sound like your story?


Do you know someone dear to you who’s getting a bit older and you’re worried that they’re at risk of falling and ending up in hospital?

Or do you feel like you’re losing your mobility or can’t enjoy the time with your grandkids because you don’t have the energy to keep up?


That’s where our “Healthy For Life” exercise class comes in.


This class is designed for those 60 years and above who really need help getting back in to exercise and wish to stay fit and healthy for many years to come.

They’re are not the endless exercises and short-term changes you may have experienced with other healthcare professionals.

The next season of classes will start in 6-8 weeks.


We already have a wait list for this so BOOK YOUR SPOT NOW!


Each of these classes are designed with you at heart:

We focus on all parts of your body to restore functional movement and prevent overcompensations that are contributing to your pain.

We provide a friendly, small group, environment where everyone feels included and respected.

We offer patient specific exercises to cater for all levels of ability.


So, the only question is, are you ready to make the transformation?


So if you are:

Tired and irritable

Unable to sleep without waking up in pain.

Struggle to motivate yourself and to do the things you used to love doing.

Unable to relax.


Follow the steps below and become a better version of yourself.


Step 1 – Call us on 087-7214265

Step 2 – Join our brand-new patient-focused small group therapy sessions.

Step 3 – Live a longer, happier & healthier life.

Speak Soon,

Thomas Fitzgerald.

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