Friday Q&A- Your questions Answered

Hey all. I put out a post yesterday asking what help or information you would like on injures or training. We got some interesting questions or suggestions in which I will delve into below. If you haven’t seen it click here to check it out now [Facebook Link]

This Weeks Questions
I will cover the best office set up, especially for those of you suffering from neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain when working at a desk from home. Ideas on little quick stretches/movements to keep to keep pain away. I was also asked about elbow pain specifically tendon pain. I will give a general overview on any tendon pain, going into possible tennis elbow causes, tennis elbow symptoms and tennis elbow treatment. If you want more information on back pain click here to go to my back pain blog.

Further Useful Information- Tendon Pain
I will now expand a little further on tendon pain and ACL rehab. With tendon pain it is very important to use the area. REST WILL NOT HELP. Jill Cook an expert in the field advocates isometrics which are the holds I mention in the video. This should provide 50% reduction in pain if it is a true tendon issue. This is a very simple way for you to test this at home.

The next stage is heavy resistance training. For the elbow this would include the exercise below. This will build the capacity of the tendon to handle load, therefore you will be able to use the area more without pain. It can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to settle depending on the severity and how long you have had it.

Expanding on ACL rehab
I cannot stress the importance of a good rehab programme after ACL surgery. It is so important to get strong, stable and be able to move well so that you can get back to sport or hobbies pain free and with 100% confidence. This will most definitely reduce the risk of re injuring the knee. In this weeks example there is an overworking of the non operated side. This is most likely due to a strength deficit in the operated leg- I.e. something was lacking in their rehab programme. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE seek professional help when rehabbing such an injury.

I hope you found this useful. I will be looking to make this a weekly segment so feel free to get in touch with any other questions or topics you’d like covered. If you want to book an appointment, feel free to call or message Fitzgerald Physiotherapy Clinic on 0877214265.

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